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Libby - Six Years Old (July 2010)


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Life Lesson of the Day

Always remember:

No matter how bad things get...

...They could always be worse!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Time for Softball!

The softball season has begun! This is Libby's first year to play. She is very excited to get started! Adding to the excitement is the fact that her cousin Abi is also on the same softball team with her. The girls had their first practice Thursday. They did fairly well and had lots of fun!

Here is Libby, stylin' as always!
Playing softball makes a girl thirsty!

Libby actually can throw the ball pretty far!
And FYI...The boy standing behind Libby isn't a boy!
I thought it was a little strange a boy would be on a girls softball team!

A little practice at catching some grounders.
This picture makes Libby look better than she is...
She missed the ball! But she's good on the hustle!

Libby and Abi waiting their turns to bat!

Libby getting ready to bat.
Yes, her stance needs a little work.
I love watching kids this little playing ball...
it's so amusing because they really don't know what's going on!
It's all for the parents entertainment!
Isn't that why we have entertain us?

Here she is running for first! She's a speed demon!
Libby's next practice is tomorrow...
Judging by the weather forecast, I think it will get rained out!

Friday, April 17, 2009

More Vacation Pictures

These are the last of the vacation pictures! I can't believe it took me a whole week to post all the pictures! What else have I got to do...unpack?...clean the house?...go to the grocery?...prepare myself to go back to work? No, No, No! First, I must blog! So for all my loyal followers who are on the edge of their seats just waiting to see more pictures from our vacation...Here you go:

Here is Libby at the first rest stop we stopped at.

We made it all the way from Clarian North in Carmel to...

Brown County, IN!

Yes, I thought we were in trouble making a stop already! But everyone had to potty, including myself! So we stopped, and fortunately we did not have to stop very often! Libby must have a bladder the size of a whale!?

Here is my sweet girl taking time to stop and smell the flowers!

You may not be able to tell from the picture, but these are Hyacinths...

The best smelling flowers in all the world!

Seriously...ask anyone!

After a very long 12 hour drive we finally made it to Big Sister Michelle's house!

Libby finally got to meet her nephew, Trevor! She liked him at the beginning of the week, but towards the end of the week she started calling him "Mean Trevor!" She didn't mean it...he is the sweetest baby! Libby just thinks she's a comedian!

What a good little Auntie she is!

Grandpa and his first grandbaby! He was going to try and sneak him home in one of our suitcases, but Michelle was always watching us! I don't know why!?

See....Libby does like Trevor! She was reading him a book before nap time!

It's one of her favorite books, "I love you as much," so she has it memorized!

Trevor was listening intently to every word Libby said!

Look at the cutie-patootie!

The only time Libby would leave Michelle's side is if she went to the bathroom! Libby was always two steps behind Michelle. If Michelle was sitting on the couch, Libby was next to her. If Scott was sitting on the couch next to Michelle, Libby would wait until Scott got up and steal his seat!

Here is Michelle laying on the floor so Scott could rub her feet, and Michelle could rub his feet too. Libby didn't want to be left out, so she's laying on the floor next to Michelle so Michelle can rub Libby's feet too! It's always ALL ABOUT LIBBY!

Since we knew it would be warmer in Alabama, we took Libby's softball stuff so she could practice while we were there!

She's a natural! She gets it from her momma!

Libby and Big Sister playing on the trampoline!

Libby couldn't have been happier!

It was so fun to watch them playing together!
We all had such a good time! We can't wait to see them again!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Animal Safari

We went to Animal Safari on another one of our vacation adventures. Libby was so excited to see the animals. This is a 500 acre piece of land with wild and not so wild animals throughout. You can rent one of their vans and drive through to see all the animals. A lot of the animals will come right up to the van and you can feed them. Most of the animals that came up to us were huge cow/steer/yacht type animals. Most of them slobbered all over the place and a lot of them smelled very foul! Libby had a good time and thought it was pretty funny when someone got slimmed!

Here's the fam with the super-cool safari van!

Libby and Michelle enjoying the ride!

Libby at the beginning of the walk-through portion of the safari.
I didn't get any pics from the drive through part because I had the camcorder going. Mama only has so many skills!

Libby Tiger.

Libby Baboon.

Libby Bear.

Oh No! My baby is getting eaten by an alligator!

Libby feeding a little goat. The funny part was the sign on a tree in front of the pen...
"Goats for Sale $35, Inquire Within"
Wonder how many tourists pack up a goat to take back home with them?!?!

Georgia Aquarium

While we were on vacation we took Libby to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. It was a little crowded because of Spring Break, but Libby didn't seem to notice as much of the rest of us did. She had a really good time! Here are some pics from the day:
Libby and "Big Sister" Michelle

Michelle and Trevor... He was a very good baby for our adventure at the Aquarium!

Libby on the big whale slide!

Every time Libby saw these "rocks," she felt the need to climb them so I could take her picture! She is so well trained!

Time to strike another pose!

Libby and Daddy

Libby with some fish.

You can't see the rocks, but Libby climbed up some rocks so she could touch the top of the tank floor, trying to catch the really big catfish!

This part was so cool! It's a tunnel through the middle of this huge tank and fish were swimming all around you! There were fish, whales, sharks and I don't know what else in there!

Seeing Libby next to this fish really puts its size into perspective!

The underside of a whale.

Libby was mesmerized by the size of the fish!

One of the many sharks they had there!

Here is Libby at the pet tank. There were sharks and sting rays to pet.
She was not scared at all! That child has no fear!

Another pet tank...
This one had shells, crabs, starfish, anemones other sea life creatures.

Libby exploring the little creatures that live in the sea.

Libby's arms are still a little too short to reach the fish in the tank so Mike had to hold her up while she was practically hanging in the tank to pet the sharks and stingrays.

Waiting for the fish to swim by.

After the busy day at the aquarium this is what you get for the car ride home:
They look like twins, don't they?

A car load of Sleeping Beauties!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Since we will be driving back from our vacation tomorrow, we celebrated Easter today! The first thing out of Libby's mouth as soon as she woke up this morning was, "It's Easter!" Libby had her bucket in the bedroom with her so when she woke up she could start finding her Easter eggs. She was so excited! I have so much fun just watching her have fun! After she collected all the eggs, she got to open her Easter baskets. The Easter bunny brought her two this year! She must have been really good! In the afternoon we went to one of Big Sister Michelle's friend's house who was having an Easter dinner/party. They have a little girl Libby's age that she has been playing with while we were here. The next door neighbors also have a little girl Libby has been playing with as well. After dinner we had to come home and pack and throw Libby in the tub! She was one dirty little girl! Also I noticed while getting her undressed for the tub that maybe she should have had some sunscreen on her since she look a bit like a red hot! Bad Mommy! Well here are some pics from the day! Hope everyone has a great Easter! Vacation pics coming soon...

Here is Libby coloring Easter eggs.

Libby's new friends, Celeste and Arowyn, helping her color eggs!

Big Sister Michelle is in on the action as well!

Libby "Easter" morning with her baskets full of goodies!

Trevor, the cutest 2mth old, with his Easter basket!

He was very excited as you can see!

The coolest baby on the block!

Here are the girls hanging out the back of my truck on our way to the Easter party!

The girls getting ready for the Easter egg hunt!

Libby found the silver egg so she won!

Libby looking for eggs.

Here is Libby looking in all her eggs to see what kind of treasures she has found!

Mike, his daughter Michelle, and his grandson Trevor!

Happy Easter Everyone!!