Princess Libby -- She's all that!

Libby - Six Years Old (July 2010)


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Atleast She's Entertaining!

I never know what to expect with Libby. Sometimes she is just crazy with the ideas she gets. For example, the other day she spilled something on her so she took her outfit off. It was hot and she decided she would just run around in her panies. Then she changed her mind and put this on (I think her daddy was partially responsible!):

Ta-Dah! Amazing how she can pull of any outfit!?!
(I think I used to wear that same outfit clubbin'! Hahaha! Just kidding!
I would at least put some pants on!)

Maybe she's a blind bandit or something!

My Friday Night Off

It seems once a year I get a Friday night off on a night when Nathan has a baseball game! I haven't been able to catch one of Nathan's games yet, so Libby and I went to see him play. She was very excited, especially since she has been playing softball, and because Nathan is her idol! Libby watched him for about half an hour then she was just goofing off and getting popcorn from the concession stand. But she did stop what was she was doing when it was Nathan's turn to bat so she could watch him!

Here is Nathan warming up.

He had some really good hits! He's come a long way since pee-wee!

Here he is playing first base. He looks a little bored.
I don't think anything was going on at the moment!

Here he is catching the ball and heading to first base.

And Libby took grandpa's pop bottle, filled it with rocks and made a rattle!
She was quite proud of herself!
BTW: Check out her farmer's tan! She only goes outside in tanks now because I'm trying to even her color out before her 5 year old pics in July! With all this rain I'm not sure I'll get that accomplished!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

End of Softball Season

Libby finished her first year of softball in early June. (Crazy isn't it? It used to be a summer sport back in my hey-day!) I think she ended up really enjoying it. The first few games I wasn't so sure. It took her a few times to get the concept of the game...which contrary to what the girls believe, it is not to play in the rocks, pick grass or twirl around until the ball comes to you! It's so entertaining to watch little kids this age play ball, because they will do anything!

Here is Libby showing off her very first trophy ever! And the ball spins on its axis! You just can't get any cooler than that!

After their final game and "awards ceremony" the girls were treated to a pizza party at Point Pizza, their sponsor.

She's a rock star! Look, she's already crossing her legs for pics, celeb know to slimline her hips! What a fashionista!

Libby and one of her coaches! Well he's everyone else's coach, but he's just Libby's daddy! That's what she would remind me of all the time!'s not over until the little girl plays the harmonica!

My Little Graduate!

It was a sad, sad day for the mama back on May 22. That was when my little baby graduated preschool and became a kindergartner! Her school put on a little "recital" and sang us a bunch of songs to illustrate all they had learned through out the year. It was very cute! Libby had a special speaking part where she introduced on of the songs. She actually said her lines in front of everyone up on stage! I couldn't believe she actually did it...she's so shy! I was so proud of her!

Here is my soon-to-be Kindergartner!

All the parents chipped in and bought the school a new sign.
it made for a nice photo op!

Here is Libby with a few of her friends (Ashlyn, Lucy, Sydney)
right after they took the stage. That look on Libby's face is the reason
I didn't think she was actually going to say her lines!

Here is Libby with one of her friends, Emily. I didn't realize until graduation
that my brothers and I used to play with her daddy and his brothers when we were in elementary school! Her mommy always dropped her off at school! I was actually very surprised by how many parents I did know but didn't know it was their kid! Does that make any sense?!

Libby and the Semi

Okay, Okay, it has been a long time since my last blog entry! I didn't think I had any pics on my camera and Surprise...I had pictures! So now I have lots of catching up to do, so be patient!

A while back Mike was hauling grain for my brother and he brought the semi by the house one day so Libby could honk the horn, play in the corn, and go for a short ride! It truly was the highlight of her day!

Here she is on top of, and inside the trailer playing in the corn! Corn is fun to play in...its kind of slippery..or like quick sand! My brothers and I used to play in the corn in the grain bins when we were little! It was big fun!

She had to make sure she walked all the way down to the other end to make sure she wasn't missing anything!

Here is Mike heaving Libby up into the trailer. You don't realize how far up these trailers are until you see your baby being hoisted up there!

This is Libby's favorite part...Honking the big air horn!
I'm sure the neighbors thought something was going on.
Libby honked the horn about 7 times!
FYI -- that is corn dust all over Libby. I generally do not let her run around looking so dirty!