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Libby - Six Years Old (July 2010)


Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm a Rock Star and I can prove it!


1) Pick your Favorite number between 1-9

2) Multiply by 3 then
3) Add 3, then again multiply by 3 (I'll wait while you get the calculator....
4) You'll get a 2 or 3 digit number.
5) Add the digits together
Now Scroll down ............... . . . . . . . . . .

Now with that number see who your ROLE MODEL is from the list below:

1. Einstein
2. The Pope
3. Oprah
4. Jesus
5. Bill Gates
6. Gandhi
7. Brad Pitt
8. Billy Graham
9. Jennifer Hoover
10. Barack Obama

I told you so! I just have that effect on day you too can be like me....
Stop picking different numbers! Deal with it!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Something to make you laugh...maybe!

This is extra funny to fans of the movie "Say Anything" and to a select small, very small circle of friends who will get it! It just made me laugh and I thought I would share!

Snow Day?!

No Mother-of-the-Year Award today for me! We had a little bit of snow last night, which had stopped falling by the time I went to bed. So this morning when I checked my phone for a text message alert for school closings/delays and there weren't any...I wasn't surprised. So I proceeded to get Libby up, dressed and fed and ready for school. I didn't turn on the news because we watch PBS cartoons in the morning! When we walked out of the house I thought, "Hmmm...this is more snow than it looks like!" But that didn't stop me in my big 4wheel drive! As we drove down our country road I was surprised the snow plow had already been through. The road was still not that great but it never is. Once I got to US 31, I was once again surprised that the road was not that clear! I wasn't really slick, just a lot of snow and only one lane semi-cleared. As I passed my brother's house I noticed he still hadn't been home from plowing snow all night last night. I started thinking, "Wow...I can't believe they didn't even delay school today!" We continued on to town, the roads never getting better. We finally arrived at school only to see that we were the only ones there! Hmm, that's strange!? So I called my dad and he informed me all Tipton schools were CLOSED today! Oops! We could have slept in... We could have stayed home! Well we were already in town, so we went over to my little brother's house so Libby could play with my nieces. You know, make the trip worth while! Libby is anxious to go sledding down the big hill in Jack's back yard like she did last year. It's just not warm enough yet, but at least we finally have enough snow!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Anxiously Awaiting!

This is Mike's daughter, Michelle (or "My big sister, Michelle" as Libby refers to her because she knows so many Michelles!), and her husband Scott. They are having their first baby, a boy named Trevor, any time now! Mike is down in Alabama with them right now hoping that it will happen while he is there visiting. They thought it might happen this past weekend. Michelle even went to the hospital last night and they sent her home. She saw her doctor today and he said not yet! So what little Trevor doesn't realize is everyone is anxiously awaiting his arrival! If he doesn't hurry, he's going to miss his Grandpa! Let me say that again because it makes me laugh! Mike is going to be a Grandpa! Grandpa Mike! Libby is going to be an Aunt, but she will only be 4 years older than her nephew! That will be cute! And Michelle, if you are reading this and your dad forgot to tell you...Libby called you tonight and she wanted to tell you to name your baby Chloen! It's some name she made up, but she's set on it! What do you think? Yea, I would stick with Trevor, too! So Good Luck to you and we can't wait to meet the little fella whenever he decides to make his appearance in this world!

Weekend at Grandma's

This past weekend, while I was working, Libby spent the weekend at Grandma's! Libby has never spent a whole weekend away yet! She was ecstatic that she was going to be spending the night at Grandma's for 2 nights! She picked out a bag full of her favorite toys, her favorite pillow and blanket, a stuffed animal to sleep with, and her Nintendo DS so she and Grandma could play together! My mom picked her up just before I left for work on Friday and I started to miss her immediately! I'm away from her every weekend while I work, and she's at home. I don't really miss her then. So why is it, if she's not home when I'm not home, I miss her more? It doesn't make sense! I did stop and say hi to her on my way home from work, and on my way back to work, so it wasn't like I didn't see her ALL weekend! Did I mention my mom only lives 1 mile down my road?? I know, I'm pathetic! Anyway...Libby had soooo much fun with Grandma! They planted seeds for plants that my mom will transplant outside in the spring; They made strawberry jam, went shopping for bargains, played games, did puzzles, ate ice cream...and don't even remember everything they did! Oh yes, Grandma put a tv in Libby's room and let her watch tv when she went night-night and set the timer so it would go off by itself! Like Magic! Libby can't wait to spend the night with Grandma again! And no, you are not missing pictures from the weekend....I didn't take any! Bad Mommy!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Libby's Play Date

Libby had her friend Hailey come over yesterday for a play date. I told her about it on Monday that Hailey would be coming over Thursday and I thought I might regret telling her so early since kids have no concept of time. But to my surprise Libby waited very patiently for Thursday to come. Of course, once she woke up Thursday the patience had worn off! Hailey was to come over at 10am and it could not come fast enough! Both the girls were a little shy at first, but they quickly warmed up and began playing together. I tried to get some pictures of them, but they move too quick and when I did catch up, they thought it would be funny to ignore me! Don't they know I have a blog to keep updated?!?! So here is the best I could do:

Here are Libby and Hailey playing tools together. Libby is in a princess dress, Hailey hadn't made it upstairs to the dresses yet. They both had them on at one time! See those little smirks on their faces? That's because I am sitting there saying, "Girls, look at me...Girls! Girls! Look over here...real quick...please, please, please?!" They thought they were being so funny! Those little boogers!
Here they are playing upstairs in Libby's pink room (I designated "pink" room because she chooses to sleep in the "blue" room that I made for Nathan!) Libby as usual, is being ever so cooperative by showing me her butt! At least Hailey was almost still enough for a picture!

Here are the girls getting ready for nap time, which they never did take because they just kept jabbering back and forth to each other! Libby wanted to tuck Hailey in before I tucked her in her bed in the "blue" room. Libby was acting like a baby and crying! Oh man! AM I glad she didn't actually cry like that when she was a baby! Hailey was so cute... She wanted a pair of jammies to wear for nap time, so we gave her a pair of Libby's. Then when she got them on, she took her clothes and put them in Libby's laundry basket! Such a good little girl! Both the girls had a good time and played really well together and were sad to say goodbye!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dr. Princess

Libby had her 6mth check-up at the dentist this week. Libby calls her dentist Dr. Princess! It's all the dentist's fault...I had nothing to do with it. Her name is Dr. Janer, but it is pronounced some other way, so she told Libby she could just call her "Princess"...There is also a castle in the waiting room, so it all goes with the theme! Anyway, that's why Libby's dentist is called, "Dr. Princess!" During the check-up the kids get to wear sunglasses so the exam light doesn't shine in their eyes...her glasses were purple, as well as the drape they put around her neck! It all matched her outfit she was wearing! She's so cool the way she so effortlessly coordinates everything!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mike's Shoulder and AI's Back!

Monday was the day for Mike's rotator cuff surgery. I took one last picture of him and Libby together, just in case his surgery was more serious than we were expecting! I don't think he appreciated my humor! It was a long day! His surgery wasn't until 1pm, which is Libby's nap time. We waited at my friend Vosko's house so Libby wouldn't go insane in the waiting room. We put her and Josie down for a nap and neither one of them fell asleep! We didn't get home until 8pm that night! Poor Libby just looked exhausted and even had bags under her eyes! She also was having trouble understanding why Mike was talking funny and unable to stay awake! He's been having a lot of pain, his injury was worse than expected. He's at the doctor as I sit here and update my blog! So we'll see what they have to say!
While taking care of Mike and trying not to neglect Libby has kept me very busy...I almost missed the new season kickoff of American Idol...until my AI devoted friend, Kennita, sent me a text to remind me! At the end of every season I say that I won't watch the next season because it gets monotonous, but I did tune in last night as I'm sure I will again tonight! What can I say?! It's not like there is anything better on the 6 channels of non-cable tv I get anyway! That's all I have for now...I have to get to the grocery and stock up on food before the blizzard hits! Hahahaha!

Monday, January 12, 2009

For Christopher

Libby received an invitation in the mail to her little friend Christopher's 2nd birthday party and she was so excited...until I told her we wouldn't be able to go because mommy has to work! (Why don't people ever have parties on Tuesday afternoon???) Anyway, she wanted to make a little movie for Christopher to watch because she knows he is an avid blog reader! By the way Kennita, Libby loved the invitation! She said, "Oh my gosh! Look how big Christopher is getting!" I thought that was pretty funny since she just saw a picture of him on the xmas card you sent us! She also wanted to hang the invitation up on our front door where we had the xmas cards! So now there is just the one pic of Christopher hanging in the middle of the really looks like a wanted poster now! We hope Christopher enjoys Libby's movie and has a great birthday and we'll make it down sometime for a visit!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

People actually go to school for this?

I (state your name) WILL NOT complain about my job, EVER AGAIN' !!!

What do you think he is looking for? Look at the expression on the guy standing next to the elephant....he's hoping the "newbie" will find what they're looking for so he doesn't have to go in next! How long of a shower does it take to get the feeling off being almost completely emerged in elephant ass off of you?!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Libby's So Excited!

Today Libby is the snack leader at school. When you are the snack leader, it's your turn to bring snacks for everyone. But you also get to pass them out, and at the beginning of class you get to hold the flag for everyone to say the pledge of allegiance to. So it's a big deal. But if its your birthday, you get to be snack leader and bring CUPCAKES for everyone! Since Libby's birthday is in the summer, she gets to celebrate her half birthday. And this is why she is SO EXCITED to be snack leader today! We made cupcakes yesterday and decorated them with lots of sprinkles! Because what's a cupcake without lots of sprinkles?!

Here is Libby with the cupcakes. I had a piece of tinfoil on the table so she wouldn't make a mess with all the sprinkles. After we were done, she wanted to eat all the sprinkles...because throwing them away would just be wasteful!

Sprinkles are hard to eat when they are laying all over the tinfoil. So I out some icing on the spatula and then showed her how to roll the spatula over the sprinkles so she could eat them. Wow! I'm the coolest mommy ever! Libby thinks so anyway!

Do you like seafood? SEE FOOD! To a four, I mean 4 1/2 year old this is funny stuff!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Buried Treasure

I noticed something on the computer I was sitting at while I was working tonight. It was an old file containing pictures I had downloaded and saved off of Libby's old website she had a few years ago. The website was closing down so I had to do something with her pictures. I was at work when I got the email notification, so I just saved them to the computer and I was going to email them to myself, or something. Well something never happened, and those pictures have been on this random computer at work, and I just stumbled across them. It was like finding a buried treasure! I took them when we were still living at our old house in Indy. Libby inspired me to try really hard to take beautiful pictures of her. These turned out to be my most favorite pictures of all! She was just the sweetest, most cuddliest baby I've ever seen! And look at those cheeks! I didn't think they were big back then! I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do!

This one is my favorite. I still remember that day. It was May, Libby was 10 months old, it was a nice warm spring day and there was this perfect little breeze. Libby wanted to sit on the swing. She found the direction of the breeze, turned her face towards it, and just sat there letting the breeze sweep across her face. And this is the picture I got! I love it! It doesn't get any more beautiful than that!

This is another picture from that same week. Libby was finally old enough, and it was finally nice enough, that we would just go outside and sit in the grass and play. On this particular day she discovered those helicopters that fall from the trees. She learned quickly they weren't as tasty as they were interesting!

I can't take credit for this picture, it was actually taken at a studio. She is 6 months old here. She was just learning to sit up on her own, but only for seconds at a time. When we arrived at the studio the photographer asked if she was sitting up yet and I told him only for brief periods. That baby of mine made a liar out of me! She sat up the whole time! Never fell over! I guess even at that young age she already knew she was going to love having her picture taken!

This is the same day as the first picture. She was learning about dandelions, although she didn't try to eat them! She just played with them in her hands. Look at her little feet! I love those little piggies! And those cheeks! I would literally just kiss those cheeks all day long! And there's that breeze blowing through her little downy baby hair!

This is Libby when she was 1yr old! She was still fascinated with being outside, sitting in the grass and just picking at everything. And before you ask, no I did not make a habit of letting her play outside in long white flowing dresses! We just finished having her 1 yr old pics taken at the studio, but they were all indoors. I wanted some nice outdoor pictures, too! I was more than happy with what my camera found! Sometimes my mad skills blow me away! :)

Look how intently she is studying that flower petal! And just look at her ponytail with the little pink bow!

I made all these pics in black and white, too! It's a toss up which ones I like better...the contrast of color are so vivid in these pics, but I love candid black and white photos too!

She found a lot of interesting things on the ground that day.

There's her little piggies poking up out of the grass! Have I mentioned I love those piggies?!
Time to find the source of all those flower petals on the ground!

This picture reminds me of Little House on the Prairie. Do you remember in the opening clips when Laura Ingalls was just a little girl and she was running down the hill and she fell, then got up and started running down the hill again? That's what this picture reminds me of. Do you see the connection? Anyone...Anyone? Ok, so I might have unresolved Little House issues!
Well this concludes my photo show! Thank you for sharing my trip down memory lane with me! Now go dig out your old photos and do the same thing, because you all know you want to be just like me!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Bath Time Fun!

Libby got this shapeable foam soap in her stocking. At first, when I was in the bathroom with her she was trying to make things, like snowmen, cupcakes and what not. Then she wanted daddy to come in and play with her. When I came back this is what I found! I think her name is Princess Libby, Ruler of the bubble people! The shower was a mess, that foam soap was everywhere!

Christmas Pictures

Libby is 4 1/2 years old and this is the first Christmas I've had of since she's been born! It was so nice! I love being home on Christmas eve and getting the presents and stockings ready and of course being there in the morning when she wakes up -- even if it was at 6:30am this year! I tried to talk her into staying in bed and going back to sleep, but she told me, "No, Santa Clause has been here!" She's too smart for me to outwit anymore! So here are many pics from Christmas...Enjoy!

Here is Libby on Xmas eve leaving cookies and milk out for Santa.

Here is the Xmas tree after I finished putting all the presents out and stuffing the stockings. See, everyone thinks I spoil my little baby, but look closely, there aren't that many presents there!

Look...Even Ginger got a stocking! Libby picked out that little green raincoat for Ginger so she wouldn't get wet! Isn't she so thoughtful?!

Here is Libby before she dives into her's not even overflowing! She how well controlled my shopping was this year?!

Libby was very excited about the 10 new socks she found in her stocking! I went a little overboard there!

Libby was so funny this year unpacking her stocking. Every item she pulled out she would neatly arrange on the floor so nothing was piled up, but laid neatly around her! It is at a semi-circle at this point!

The unpacking is complete! Here are all Libby's new treasures! Notice how she is now encircled!

Libby noticed there were two little presents sitting on branches in the tree. She thought that was pretty funny! They were gifts from daddy. We both got new bracelets!

Here is Libby's new bracelet. It's hard to see how cute it is in this picture. It's gold with tiny little flowers etched? engraved? all over it. It's very sweet looking on my little princess!

She's just itching her nose, not getting any boogers! She was very excited about her new book... Paula Deans "My First Cookbook." It has lots of cute little illustrations and kid friendly recipes. We haven't tried any yet.

Libby was nearly trained this year for Xmas. Every time she heard my camera make a little beep when I would focus on her she would look at me and smile, well at least look at me!

Here she is opening one of the many new games she got for Xmas. Mike and I are determined not to play Candy Land again for a very long time! It has been her only game!

Here she is getting ready to open a present from mommy. We don't put any presents out under the tree until she goes to bed Xmas eve, and then all the presents are from Santa. But this one was from mommy!

A month or so ago I had made a pink John Deere for one of our friends who just had a baby girl. Libby was pretty upset when she found out she didn't get to keep the blanket. So I made her one of her own! It's a pink John Deere blanket and it says, "Girls Drive Tractors Too!" Isn't that just the cutest?! OK, maybe not to you city folk, but it is!

Here is Libby helping Ginger open her stocking! It consisted of two new chew toys, a bag of giant bones, a bag of treats, and a new raincoat! What a lucky dog!

Here is Libby opening her 7 princess barbie dolls! Does it really get any better than this? (Aside from the tractor blanket of course!)

This is my favorite gift, although technically it is Libby's! It's a Nintendo ds! She got a my little pony game and cooking mama. Mike and I also got our own games for it too! But I have logged the most hours in it so far!

Here is Libby playing with her new princess barbies and Dora dolls. She's so excited!
Here is a picture of Julianna, my youngest niece, taking pictures! She was just going all around taking pictures of random things! It was pretty funny!

Nathan, in the background, enjoyed playing his new DS games while everyone else finished opening presents and playing with their new toys. Tarah and Libby are playing with her my little pony play set.

Here is my oldest brother Todd and my dad. My Family loves to have their pictures taken!

My Little Pony, My Little Pony!

Here is just a glimpse of the chaos from having four little girls open presents and play all at the same time! This picture actually looks tame!

Libby wanted me to take a picture of one her new "fashion" rings... It's a little pink bunny with glitter on it...Oo La La, tres chic!

Libby is very excited about her new fuzzy lined clogs she got from her Aunt Thel and Uncle Richard!

Libby wasn't cooperating! I was trying to get a nice picture of Libby with her daddy and Mike's brother, Richard. It was a nice thought!
And that concludes our Christmas presentation! Joy to the World, Joy to my family, Joy Joy Joy!