Princess Libby -- She's all that!

Libby - Six Years Old (July 2010)


Friday, September 18, 2009

School Picture Day

It's that time of year again! Picture Day! Even though I just had Libby's pictures taken in July, I am having her picture taken at school! How can you pass up school pictures? They are always just so ?unique?! Is that the word I'm looking for? Although, in my opinion, Libby has not taken a bad school picture yet. We will see in 20 years from now if Libby thinks otherwise!

Here is my baby! I should have put her in a onesie or a romper or something so she would quit looking so grown! That would give her something to be embarrassed about when she gets older!

I know she's mine so I'm terribly biased, but she is so freakin' cute! I truly believe if she were ugly I would say so!

She's funny too! She will be the total package when she turns 30 and is old enough to date!
When I took her picture she would scoot a little closer to me and tell me took take her picture again...


I actually like this picture though! She isn't exhibiting her fake smile/squinty eyes combo! And for some reason she looks a little tan!
I love my Libby!

Monday, September 7, 2009

There are 12 months in a Macarena!

Libby has really been enjoying Kindergarten so far this year and has been learning lots of new things. She learned a song in preschool about the twelve months in a year, so when she said she learned a new song about the twelve months in a year I just figured it was the same song. I was surprised when I found out that yes, it was the same song, but this version comes with choreography! Then when I realized it was the "macarena" dance, it just made me laugh! Can you imagine a room full of Kindergartners doing the macarena while reciting the months of the year? Lucky for you I have a video! Now just multiple this by 17 and you get Libby's Kindergarten class!