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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Goals for 2011

Many people make New Year's Resolutions...but those are often broken before January is finished. I've decided to set some goals for myself for the year. I've read that an important step in obtaining these goals is to share them with others so you will hold yourself accountable. If people are aware of your goals, you won't dismiss them so easily! They are also supposed to be reasonable and attainable. If your goals are unrealistic, you are only setting yourself up for failure. So here are my goals for the year...feel free to ask me occasionally how I am doing!

1. Pay off my credit cards and keep them paid off! It may take all year, but it will happen! I would like to do something fun with my tax check, but it will go to my credit cards...that will make a nice start to reaching my goal!
2. Build up my savings account. My goal is to have $1000 by the end of the year. It doesn't sound like much...but I've been broke for a long time, so $1000 sounds great! Pay off credit cards and save money at the same time...tricky!
3. Take Libby to Disney! I think October is going to be the best time to go! I can't wait to surprise her with this one! Pay off credit cards, save money, take big expensive keeps getting trickier!
4. Lose my last 30 lbs! I've been working hard this past year, but there is still more to do. I know I can do it! It's just going to take a little more time. I will feel fabulous when I reach my goal...hopefully by summer! I may even get a tan, too! I know...wild and crazy! I'll be smokin' hot!
5. Exercise twice a week. This is my minimum goal. I would like to fit in more time than that, but I need to be reasonable! It's hard to get moving with my crazy mixed up work schedule and still spend quality time with Libby. But I'm already working on making it a habit. It will be so much easier when winter is over!
6. Go on ONE date this year! Really? Wow! I'm torn on this one! I would like to start dating and getting out more, but I don't want to leave Libby to do it. Besides the obvious obstacle of actually meeting someone to go out with, how does one just choose to spend time with some guy that you may not even end up liking over spending time with their child? The guilt is overwhelming! I don't ever want Libby to feel like she is my second choice.
7. Make ONE improvement to my house. Ugh! There is so much to do to "this old house!" This was supposed to be my "fixer-up" dream house. But that fizzled. It's so expensive to remodel! So I've decided maybe I just need to deal with the fact that I may spend my whole life fixing this place up and just start with baby, ONE improvement, of any kind this year and I will be happy!
8. Develop/nurture a hobby! There are things I could be doing...scrapbooking, sewing...but I never take the time to do it. So my goal is to take time to do something I enjoy! Maybe even make myself a "craft room" so it is easier for me to get started on my hobbies. I am doing well with this goal so far! I've learned to crochet! I tried to learn when I was pregnant with Libby and I just couldn't grasp it. I tried it again and it stuck this time! I was so excited! I've made four scarves and I'm working on my first baby blanket right now. It's fun!

And my final goal is a lifetime goal which I never plan to fail...Show Libby each and every day how much I love her, make her smile and hear her laugh everyday, give her the best childhood possible and be the best mom I can be! Because really, all my other goals don't matter as long as I can do this one! Libby's happiness is my happiness!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weekend Get-away

One of my best friends from college lives in Greensburg, IN. She has a little boy who just turned four. Libby and I were invited to his birthday party...a swim party, I should say. Libby was so excited! She hasn't been swimming since summer and she couldn't wait to jump in a pool again. We dug out her swim suit, bought some new goggles, packed our bags and headed to Greensburg. Since Libby and I never get away, I thought it would be fun to get a hotel (with a pool, of course) and turn our little adventure into a mini-vacation! Libby has never stayed in a hotel before. The few times we have actually gone somewhere, we've stayed at some one's house. I wish I had my video camera....Through Libby's eyes the hotel room was a palace! She was so cute! She said the room was just what she had dreamed of the night before! Moments like that are priceless. It's a small price to pay for that kind of happiness!

After swimming at the birthday party, Libby and I went back to my friend's house for pizza. Libby got to spend time playing and I got to visit with my friend! I don't get to see my friends often, but no matter how much time passes, it's still so effortless to hang out in the kitchen, enjoy some pizza and good conversation as we watch our children play together. Who would have thought that 19 years ago when we met in the dorm on the first day of college that we would be doing this?

Here is my little fish swimming at the birthday party.

Libby wanted me to get a picture of her swim suit. She says it's her most favorite suit ever because it's like a rainbow!

I'm not sure where Libby got her gansta pose...She wanted to unpack our bags at the hotel and put everything away. She was "organizing!"

Here is Libby relaxing on one of the comfy hotel beds watching TV. The next morning when we woke up, Libby wanted to make her bed (which she never does at home). Then she said she would make my bed, too. I had added an extra blanket to my bed under the comforter before I went to sleep. She even took the blanket back off and made the bed like it was before. Then she was careful to put all the pillows back just the way they were when we got there. I didn't have the heart to tell her housekeeping would be coming through to clean the room. She was so proud of herself. Sometimes I think I have the sweetest little girl in the world!

Back at home...back to school...
So I thought I would try braiding Libby's hair before school. I had fifteen minutes to get it done before Libby had to get dressed and catch the bus. I would like to say I knocked it out..but it took me 20 minutes, so I had to take Libby to school! Fail! But look how cute she looked with her braids, plaid skirt, and rock star boots! My heart really will break when Libby decides she's old enough to dress herself!

She also wanted to be sure I got a picture of her finger nails. They don't match her outfit at all...but I'm trying to just let that go! She thinks its so cool when I paint her nails in different colors. She's so easy to please...I hope she never changes!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Lounging at Home

Winter is long and it seems most of our time is spent at home these days. Once in a while we get some my nieces! I took advantage of having all these girls around and practiced my newly acquired braiding skills. I still need more practice. I'm a little slow. Hopefully soon I will be swift enough to braid Libby's hair before school!

Libby and I were at the grocery store and she saw these mini bananas. I thought they would taste different, maybe a little sweeter, but they tasted the exact same. She had fun eating them anyway. I'm not really sure why you need a mini banana though.

Libby is lounging on the couch in her snuggie. It's a good thing she is always warm and toasty. I'm not sure that snuggie would be enough to warm me up when I'm cold!

Here is Cassie modeling her hair-do.

Not too bad!

Libby and Julianna got matching braids...because they like to copy off each other!

Kenzie didn't get her braids until later because she was busy playing Barbies.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tea Party, Curly Hair and School Delays, oh my!

Such excitement all in one week! A day with Libby is never boring and I am thankful for that. Sometimes I wonder if all kids are this entertaining, or is it just mine? Or, am I just easily entertained?

Always one to pose for a picture, Libby models her monkey hat and coat she got for Christmas. She really is such a monkey! A few months ago, she asked me why I started her in gymnastics (she's been going since she was three). I told her she always used to jump on the bed and do somersaults, so I figured she must be part monkey, so I took her to gymnastics. She was very amused at my answer.

Here is one of the outfits Libby got for Christmas. It looks so stinking cute on her! She let me take a picture, but she wanted her Tootsie roll in the picture, too. Notice her hands...

I think I may have done some permanent damage to Libby by always straightening her hair. It is curly underneath, but straight on top, so I have to blow it out straight. The girl is fascinated with curly hair now! She gets so excited when her hair is curly. She likes to have her hair braided so when she takes the braids out, her hair is curly.

Curly a dream come true!

Libby and I were having a little tea party with the set she got for Xmas. Some of her friends stopped by to join us...Santa, Rudolph, Penguin, and Snoopy. It was most delightful.

I had to instruct Libby on lifting her pinkie up while she sipped her tea. And yes, that really is tea in the cups! Because what is the point of having a tea party without tea? Not any party I would want to attend!

Libby's school was cancelled today. When I told her, she clapped, cheered and jumped for joy! She said, "Yay! No homework!" The next sentence out of her mouth was, "Mommy can I work in my homework book?" That is what she calls her little workbook we have at home for leisure time! I hope she stays this excited about learning, studying and homework her entire life! My little genius!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas 2010

I love Christmas! I love the decorating, the lights, the ornaments and shopping for my baby! I don't understand my strong desire to give my child everything imaginable for Christmas. She gets plenty through the year, so it's not that I feel I'm depriving her. She doesn't ever ask for anything except "surprises!" I think the real reason I can't contain myself is because I am still a child at heart and I love toys! I love when Libby is opening a present and seeing the expression on her face when she figures out what is inside the package. It's what really fuels my fire! I guess it is a good thing Libby is an only child, because this is what our tree looked like Christmas morning...and yes, all the presents are for Libby:

Libby always starts with her stocking. It is a ridiculously large stocking. I made it for her when she was 1 1/2. My mom made our stockings when we were little and we always thought they were huge. Again, I went over the top and super-sized the stocking. She does love it though. She was happy to find a Webkinz inside! It's a little lamb she named Shaun the Sheep.

Modeling her purple peace sign bracelet.

OK, maybe Libby is a little deprived. Here you see she is holding a purple ball, but it's not just any ball. It is a water and glitter-filled bouncing ball than can be found in the dollar bins at Walmart. Every time we are in the toy isle, Libby picks up one of these balls and plays with it. She never asks for it, she just gives me that look like she is dying for such an awesome ball, waits to read my expression, then puts the ball back in the bin. You can imagine her surprise when she found the ball in her stocking for Christmas! She gasped, squealed, and giggled in delight and then said, "Oh I've always wanted this ball! I knew Santa would give it to me!" There you go! That's the stuff that keeps me going!

Libby's latest obsession is Selena Gomez. Every time we are in the truck, Libby wants her Selena Gomez CD on. She will walk around singing her songs. She even has a Barbie she named Selena Gomez. Now she has another Selena Gomez CD. It just doesn't get any better!

Santa usually leaves Libby some snacks in her stocking. But this year he ran out of room, so he left her an entire bag full of snacks. Libby thought this was hilarious. It is kind of funny when you think about it. How many kids get a bag of groceries under the tree for Xmas? And, how many kids would love it? Mine!

Binoculars! A little off the wall, but she loved them!

Every year Mike gets Libby some type of jewelry for Xmas. This year she got a silver heart necklace with a blue topaz in the center. It's pretty cute. She wears it almost everyday.

Barbie is high maintenance...she has her own Vacation Glam Jet, and now, so does Libby!

I must have gotten these pictures out of order...Here is Libby opening her necklace from her daddy...

...and here she is modeling the necklace. It's hard to see past her loud Xmas jammies, but look closely and you will see it!

Libby was especially excited to find a Peyton Manning Colts jersey under the tree. She doesn't really watch football, but her Daddy does and he doesn't like the Colts. So ever since Libby was a baby I've been training her to say, "Go Colts!" to her daddy when there is a game on. Also, the Colts came to Libby's school, along with Blue and the cheerleaders. She said Peyton Manning was there, too. Since then, she's been a Peyton fan.

Just after Thanksgiving, Libby saw a commercial for a snuggie and she said she wanted one. Then she kind of forgot about them. When she tore off the wrapping paper and saw she got a snuggie for Xmas she said, "A snuggie! I've always wanted one!" That Santa, he sure is a smart, jolly old fella!

Dr. Barbie - the neonatologist...well, she's probably just a pediatrician, those babies look pretty healthy.

Yes, I'm that kind of mommy! Libby and I are wearing matching Xmas jammies! Libby thought it was so cool! Let's see what she thinks of this picture when she's 17!

Libby got lots of new games for Christmas, but one of her favorites was Shrek Operation. We played one game, then she decided she better practice a little more before we played again!
Christmas always goes by so fast! We always leave the tree up a little long because we like looking at it. One year, I had taken it down just before February! But I'm almost positive Libby and I will be taking the tree down next weekend. I'm sad for a few days, but then I start planning for Libby's birthday, in July, and it's like Christmas all over again!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Highlights since September

Great news (for me anyway)...I'm back from my blogging sabbatical! OK, so it wasn't a planned time off, apparently I thought I was too busy, or didn't have much to say, or...? But I am motivated to start again! And since my last entry is from September, I thought I would do a quick catch up! It was hard to pick out the highlights, but I think I have it narrowed down to these...from most recent to most ancient! Enjoy and thanks for remembering my site still exists!

My friend Vosko and I thought it sounded like a great idea to take the kids to the children's museum on Xmas Eve-Eve. I think every other parent in the metro area had the same idea! It was a nightmare! Luckily, the kids don't notice over-crowding like the adults. We spent the whole day there, but strangely enough only visited a few exhibits. The mamas were exhausted when we finally reached the car, the children were unfazed! Anyway...this is a picture of Josie and Libby playing with Toto on the Wizard of Oz stage while we were waiting to go into the planetarium (which I decided was a great place to take a little doze).

Josie and Libby outside the Barbie exhibit. Notice Libby is holding Barbie's hand. She thought she was being clever. Last time, she put her face in front of Barbie's sunglasses so it looked like she was wearing them.

This was our Xmas get-together at Summer's house. Now that our kids are older and in school it's harder to get the kids together. It's easier if you just tell all the kids to make funny faces...that way you don't have the one child not smiling (mine)!

This picture would make more sense if the next picture came first...Libby got a letter from Santa this year! She was really excited. She especially liked the Rudolph sticker on the back of the envelope.

If Libby new anything about post marks on mail, she would have appreciated this letter was mailed from Anchorage, Alaska!

Libby and I made Christmas cookies this year. It was lots of fun. We haven't made cut-out cookies for a few years! Libby loves the sprinkles! Everything we make always gets sprinkles.

We went to Josie's Birthday party! She is 3 years old now! I love seeing Libby and Josie play together. Libby acts like such a big sister and Josie refers to Libby as, "My Libby." It's so sweet.

Lucky for me, Libby loves to have her picture taken. And she especially loves to have her picture taken for our annual Christmas card. Some poses are normal...

...and sometimes I get this! Or even...

...this! She's my little superstar!

Of course at the first sign of snow, Libby was ready to go outside and play in the snow, build snowmen, go sledding, matter that there really wasn't enough snow to do any of this! Here is Libby "sledding" down the little miniature hill in our yard.

Notice the grass peeking through as Libby makes her snow angel.

Libby loves when her cousins come over to play. Libby loves it when anyone comes over to play, actually! Here are the girls snuggled up on the couch together watching a Barbie movie.

Earlier the same day, we went to Breakfast with Santa. Here is Libby singing with the high school "glee club" aka, the young originals. Libby didn't look at me once while she was singing and I was trying desperately to take her picture!

Here are the girls acting silly at Breakfast with Santa. Julianna was unable to come because she was sick. The girls kept wanting to get an extra activity to take home to her.

This is the first time in all of Libby's six years that she actually made eye contact with Santa and talked to him! I'm sure it was because her cousins were already up there talking Santa's ear off! Libby asked for surprises, a DSi, and an iPod. She only asked for the iPod because the other girls did. She didn't even know what it was! Well, until she opened one on Christmas!

Now that Libby is getting older, we can start doing really fun going to the Moscow Ballet Russian Nutcracker! We had gone to Mary Poppins in September and Libby loved it. I wasn't sure if she would like the ballet since the performers don't talk. She was entranced through the whole performance and was dancing like a ballerina the next day. She even said The Nutcracker was her favorite! (This is Libby all dressed up for the ballet).

As I said earlier, Libby loves it when anyone comes over to play with her. So she was ecstatic when she had a friend from school come spend the night! It was the first time a school friend had come over! Usually it's just my nieces that spend the night. I had never heard Libby laugh so much. Those girls were nonstop gigglers!

Again, these pictures would make more sense if the next pictures came first. One very cold and windy morning Libby ran at her first cross country meet. Well first running of any kind! My brother, Jack, is the athlete in the family. He likes taking his girls to races and what not. One night they were at our house and invited Libby to participate in a run they were doing the next morning. Libby was so excited about the race.

Unfortunately, the race was a mile long and she had no idea what to expect! Here is my little jogger not long after the race started already looking like she's had enough. But she kept going and going and going! She finished the race last, but I was so proud of her for doing it at all! She got a ribbon, too, which she thought was super cool! She later confessed that she did have to walk for a few minutes because her breath was gone and it hurt! I love that kid!

Here are three of the girls getting lined up for the start of the race getting last minute advice/direction from my brother. Did I mention it was only hmm...25 degrees this day, well maybe 32?!

And here we are at Halloween. This is Libby dressed up as Supergirl for school.

And this is Libby dressed up as a bush for trick or treating. She wanted to be a bush because Nathan was a bush last year and she thought that was hilarious. And she LOVES Nathan and pretty much wants to do everything he does.

Here is Libby picking out the perfect pumpkin at the pumpkin patch. I kept offering to help her carry it, but she's a big girl now and wanted to do it by herself! Sometimes she will flex her arm, squeeze her bicep and tell me, "Feel my big guns!"

This is just a random picture, but I just love it because Libby looks so darn cute and smart! Look at her...She has Harvard written all over her!

Here is Libby anxiously awaiting the start of "Mary Poppins, the Musical." It was her first experience with the theater. She loves Mary Poppins, the movie, but I was afraid she wouldn't like the differences between the movie and the musical. The only thing she said was at the start of the musical was, "Look Mommy, that is the real Mary Poppins, but it isn't the real Jane and Michael Banks!" She really makes me laugh sometimes.

Libby has lost a few teeth and had a few come in. That is one beautiful smile. I always thought kids look goofy when they start losing there teeth. But no, not my kid...I thought she was adorable! I'm not's just fact! Look at that face!

Well this brings up to the end of our show! I hope you stop back by soon! I will be adding Christmas pictures in a few days!