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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kenzie's 5 minutes of Fame!

Fishers Egg-Stravaganza
March 28, 2009

Mackenzie Hoover, 7, of Tipton, keeps her pail high and dray as she picks up floating plastic eggs in the pool at the Fishers YMCA Egg-Stavaganza. (Joe Vitti / The Star)

I randomly checked while working last night and saw a pic that looked like my niece. I clicked on it and discovered it was her! My brother must have taken his girls to the Fisher's YMCA for their Egg-Stavaganza and Kenzie ended up on their website! I don't know if she made the paper too...I'll have to check!

Way to go Kenzie...may I have your autograph?!?!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Libby was so happy when she found out is was my birthday today, she went to work right away and made me a birthday card! She is so sweet! In case you need help deciphering her card...the person on the card is me...all the hearts are because she loves me bunches! She also wanted to know if all her cousins were coming over for my birthday party and if we could make me a cake! Kids are funny! They don't realize that once you get old and have your own kids that your own birthdays really aren't a big deal anymore! What am I doing to celebrate, you may ask? Hmmm...I thing I will work tonight! If I'm super lucky I will get to float! That would make my birthday that much more special!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Libby's First Bowling Adventure

For the first time in a very long time, I had Friday night off! I wasn't about to waste my Friday night sitting at home! I thought it would be fun to take Libby and Nathan bowling! Libby was so excited to go bowling! Even though she has never been before, she plays a bowling game when she goes over to her Uncle Richard and Aunt Thel's house...and that is very she just couldn't imagine what real bowling was going to be like, but she knew it would be fun! And Nathan was going too! For Libby, it doesn't get much better than that!

Unfortunately, we weren't going until 730pm and Libby couldn't wait that long! I took her over to Nathans house so she could play with him and the Wii! I wish I had my video camera with me so I could have made a movie of her doing Wii Fit! It was very entertaining!

Anyway we finally made it to the bowling alley! Libby had so much fun! She bowled a 63 her first game! Not bad for a beginner, especially considering I only bowled a 91! (Did I mention I was on the bowling team in middle school? Obviously, I wasn't the star player!) Libby had so much fun, she wanted to go back on Saturday and bowl again! She was a little disappointed when we told her she would have to wait until another time!

Libby and Nathan at the lane.

Libby and Daddy.

Libby getting ready to bowl!

Now we wait and wait and wait for the ball to make
it down the lane!

Woo-hoo! As long as she knocked a pin over it was
a good enough reason to do a little dance!

Here's Nathan being crazy, getting ready for his turn!
I'm not sure what Libby is doing to her face!

According to Nathan, Bowling Alley pizza is the best!

Libby worked up an appetite from so much bowling,
she needed a snack before she went to 10pm!

Here is a little clip of my bowling machine in action!

She went over the foul line twice, but otherwise she did a good job!

Here's another little clipette of Libby doing her thing!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Libby and her Pettiskirt

Yesterday, Libby's pettiskirt finally arrived! Even though it was minutes before nap time, I couldn't wait for her to try it on! OMG! Every little girl must have one of these! They are so cute! Libby couldn't wait to start twirling and dancing around in it! There are just a few things I'm a little disappointed in: I may have not picked the best color! Apparently, the model wearing the outfit online was not as pale as my little Libby! After she had it on a while it was getting better. Maybe she'll get a little color this summer! Secondly, they advertised "adjustable elastic waistband." I don't agree with the "adjustable" part. It has an elastic waistband, but it doesn't have any holes in it to tighten the waistband! I had to pull the waistband out to tighten it, then tie it in a knot! Luckily, the bow covered that mess up! But otherwise Libby and I are both overjoyed with this new "princess dress!" Of course, I didn't think to put her hat or headband on that go with the outfit until she had already changed out of it! Next time! So for your viewing pleasure, here are some pix of Libby doing her thing in her pettiskirt:

Ta Dah! Isn't this the cutest outfit ever? I will need to find some leggings though,
because she does kind of look like a can-can girl with her panties showing!

Here she is the first time she sat down with the skirt on! Libby thought it was so funny and cool the way the skirt just fluffs up around her!
Go...Go now! Your little girls must have one!

Here is Libby, looking like Cinderella!
(That's exactly was she told me when I posed her this way!)

Now the show begins!
She has decided she is Miss America dancing like
Cinderella at the ball!
What an imagination!

Look at spin on this impressive twirl!

I swear she danced and twirled for 20 minutes straight!
We were late getting our naps!

I'm hoping when she gets her pix taken this summer,
the photographer can capture he in a twirly spin like this!
Except, I would like to see her face!

Here's the money shot!
This reminds me of that "scandalous" picture of Princess Diana,
when she first started dating Prince Charles. The paps took her picture in a dress with the sun behind her and you could see her legs through her dress!
Does anyone remember that, or am I on my own again?!?!
Ok, just checking...Thanks!

Here is Libby sitting down again...
But this time she is hiding her hands! She thought it
was so funny that her dress was so fluffy she could hide
most of her arms inside it!

Were the pictures not enough to convince you how irresistible these pettiskirts are? Here's a movie of my little Miss America Cinderella!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

There she is, She's Miss America!

No is Miss America! This is our celebrity encounter from the other night when me and my girls hit the town! We started out at Fox and Hound. We didn't think it could get any better when we found out it was 80's Karaoke night! But we were relieved to find out it was 80's night because we were deeply disturbed by the girl we saw coming in in neon blue leggings with bright yellow leg warmers, a "flashdance" sweatshirt and a side pony with crimped hair!

Later that evening... We could hardly contain our excitement when we heard Miss America was doing a meet and greet and signing autographs! We practically ran down the street pushing all other pedestrians aside so we could be first in line to meet Katie Stam, Miss America 2009! She's one of our own, you know?!

"The Tale of Four Katies"
Roses are Red,
Violets Are Blue,
A tale of four Katies...
Katie May, Katie Stam, Katie Sue
and just so I wasn't left out
I became a Katie, too!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Libby the Fashionista

Here is my little piece of Hollywood, right here in Tipton!
Last weekend Mike thought it would be cute to put a "hanky hat" (that's what we call a bandanna on your head because that's how we roll!) on Libby instead of fixing her hair. So now she thinks that is her hair-do when she is with Daddy. Yesterday we all went out for breakfast and Libby went to get a hanky hat so I could fix her hair. Of course, you can't JUST wear a hanky hat, you need shades too! I made sure I left a little bit of her hair exposed so people wouldn't think she had cancer! She got many compliments on her look, of course, because people think she is a movie star!

And I can't just take a picture of Libby. She wants me to make a movie of her doing her little dance! So here she little dancin' machine!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Group 3 Predictions

It has been a slow week for Libby and I have nothing to blog about regarding her! I'm sure I could think of's not like she is a rock! But nothing new and exciting...SO I will continue to blog about American Idol, because I know people like Tarah are counting on it! So Tarah, here is my summary and predictions from last nights show:

Overall, I thought group three performed better than the other two groups! Therefore is was not as painful to watch but actually enjoyable! Also they did elaborate a little more about the mysterious wild card round which will be coming up. Three contestants from each group are picked to move to the top 12; The remaining three contestants will be brought in from the wild card competition.

So on to my picks:

Top Girl -- Lil Rounds
She sang a Mary J Blige song last night and did great!
She has been consistently great throughout, so you know the other girls were thinking, "Oh crap, I'm in her group? I'll never make it through!" If she doesn't win, she will definitely be in the top three.

Top Guy -- Jorje Nunez
He sang an Elton John song last night and I was pleasantly surprised!
I thought he might come out singing Menudo or something.
It was also really cute at the end of the judges feedback when he was so
overwhelmed he said he can't think in English so started speaking in Spanish!
I'm not sure about his longevity, but I think he will make it through tonight.

Next In Line -- Felicia Barton
She sang Alicia Keys, like everyone seems to be doing this year,
but she did it well. I am a little confused about her situation though, so if anyone can enlighten me, I would appreciate it! She got eliminated at the final round in Hollywood week, but she got a call from the producers and invited her back. But there are still just 36 contestants. So did some quit or get disqualified and she was their replacement choice? They definitely left out some details!
Anyway, I think she is strong enough to make it through the next round!

Alt Pick -- Scott Macintyre
This is the blind guy. He did a decent job last night, but I think some others were better than him. Although you never know how heavy the sympathy vote is going to weigh! So I am picking him as a possibility. I'm not sure how this one will play out!
So stay tuned this evening and see if your fave made it through!
And yes, I am working on commission from AI to type up these reviews each week! Thought you knew?!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Looking for the Perfect Gift?

What do you get for the child that has everything? A Poopy-time fun shapes poop shaper?! Insert tube in you CHILD'S booty hole so they can poo-poo stars and shapes! Hmm... interesting! Do you think this got approval from the AMA?