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Libby - Six Years Old (July 2010)


Friday, July 16, 2010

Libby's Surgery

After numerous strep throat infections, it was finally time for Libby to get her tonsils and adenoids out! No more missing school! No more throat cultures! No more snoring! I really can't explain how excited Libby was to be rid of them! To celebrate this special occasion I let Libby pick out some new jammies to wear to the hospital. She pick Hannah Montana of course! She was a little disappointed when they made her change into hospital scrubs!

Here is my brave little girl
all dressed up for the
special occasion!

Look at her...
Minutes before they wheel her off and
she's all smiles!
She thinks she looks like a doctor!

One last look at those tonsils!

Bye-Bye tonsils!

Here is Libby in recovery. They don't waste a minute getting those popsicles!
The nurse said Libby didn't even cry when she woke up.
Such a sweet little girl.

Here she is taking a nap after getting settled into her room.
She even got to watch Hannah Montana, when she was awake!

Here she is all recovered! She's been to the bathroom, walked around, and even ate some applesauce! She's ready to go home!

This is Libby at home. I think we were home five minutes before she started asking for her push-ups! I thought once we got home she would start feeling worse, but she did really well. She ate ice cream and drank apple juice and water without me having to remind her!

Notice the choice of three beverages on her table! She also got a new pillow from Tara, which was waiting for her when Libby got home, along with some new pet shop toys and balloons! Libby says the pillow is perfect for her on the couch!
Notice the expression on her face...
She all the sudden became sensitive to the flash on my camera!

Libby's daddy brought one of the puppies over to see her. This one is Nana Two. Libby thought I wanted a picture of her throat, thus the half opened mouth!

She really was smiling and having fun playing with the puppy until I busted out the camera!
Now we are on the second day post surgery. I thought she might wake up in pain sometime through the night, but she didn't. She's been doing well enough that I switched her over to regular Tylenol and ditched the Tylenol with codeine. Which according to Libby tastes bad, but the one at the hospital didn't!
Libby has had enough of the relaxing and watching movies. She was getting stir crazy today, so I told her we would go somewhere. She wanted to go shopping to spend her birthday money. She picked out three barbies and a new outfit. She's a good little shopper! She gets it from her mama!
Finally, after a busy day, she is asleep on the couch! My little Sleeping Beauty!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Libby's Birthday Luau

Here are some pics from the party. I spent a little more time in the kitchen than I usually do finishing up some cooking, so I missed a lot of the kids playing outside. However, I also missed the mosquito bites too! The mosquitoes were horrible! Poor Libby had seven bites on her face and more on her body. Despite the bugs, everyone seemed to have a good time!
In case you missed it on a previous post,
here is Libby's Barbie Mermaid cake!

A little jumping around time.
The kids are ready for a party!

It's pinata time!

Candy! Candy! Candy!

Time for cake!

Make a wish!

Groceries for the kitchen!

Squirt guns!


Dress-up clothes!

Charlotte from "The Princess and the Frog."

Princess Tiana

An easel

Happy Birthday to Libby!

Libby's birthday is usually a two-parter. In the morning, before her party, she gets to open her presents from mommy, and then at her party she gets to open the gifts from everyone else. This works for two reasons: First, the presents keep her occupied while I get things ready for the party; Second, I tend to go overboard, so if she opens my presents first, she doesn't spend all that extra time opening presents during her party. And I have to admit, I'm usually pretty excited for her to open my presents! I really am still a kid myself!

Libby had gymnastics on the day of her birthday,
so I bought her a new outfit.
I have incredible restraint!

This sleeping bag was on clearance at Joann Fabrics.
It was originally $50, on sale for $16, so we HAD to buy it!
Look at the smile on her face! How can you say no!?

Finally, the day of the party!
Time to open presents!

A new back pack for school!

It fits perfectly!

Just what she wanted...
A Hannah Montana guitar.
This one plugs into the TV and resembles guitar hero,
Hannah Montana style!

"Most Likely to be Famous"
Libby got plenty of back to school clothes for her birthday.
She will be stylin'!

The new Miley Cyrus CD.
The weeks leading up to Libby's birthday she kept wanting to listen to her Christmas CD in the truck. I was very tempted to give her the new Miley CD early!

A new lunchbox for school.
It's tinkerbell.
Don't mind the slightly deranged look on my daughter's face in this picture.
I swear she's sane! I just caught her at the wrong moment!

Pinkalicious - School Rules

Libby has been dying for this Barbie.
In the Barbie movie, "A Mermaid Tale,"
the main character Merliah has two friends.
Libby already had the Merliah Barbie and one of the friends.
She just needed the last friend. Luckily she got it!
This is also the movie her cake is based on,
per Libby's request!

And here is the one present I've been waiting on since December! It was back ordered until April, and then apparently my order got shipped to some lucky family in Washington, IN. I did not discover this until June. I had so much trouble with the company that sold me the vanity. Never buy from cymax! Horrible customer service! Anyway, I finally got a refund and reordered this vanity from another company and had it sitting in my garage in two days! It took all my will power not to open the box and put the vanity together!

It was worth the wait! Just look how excited Libby is! This is such a cute vanity!
It's nice and sturdy and matches her room perfectly!

I had her play jewelry already in the compartments and her make-up case sitting on top. I bought her a brush to keep in one of the drawers and some new barrettes and rubberbands. The bench has a compartment too. I put her tiaras in there!
Here she is fixing her hair. She's so cute!


Picture Day Preview

Every year for Libby's birthday I get her picture taken. I thought once she started school and had school pictures taken, I would stop getting them at the photographer. But so far I haven't. Pictures are my one weakness, especially when they are of my little princess! It really is one of the highlights of the year for me! I start shopping for THE perfect outfit for her around the beginning of the year. The outfit is usually in the closet waiting by April! I'm slightly neurotic, I know! I snapped a few shots of Libby before going to the photographer. I love our photographer, Scott. He has been taking Libby's pictures since she was two. He does such a great job with her!

Looking sassy, as always!

Practicing her twirl.

Working on her pose and smile.

Libby's always so serious!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Libby's Birthday Cake

Here are some pictures of the cake I made for Libby's 6th birthday. It turned out pretty well, only a few not-so-perfect areas, but Libby loved it! She thought it was great that you could eat the rocks and shells! The cake was also very very tasty. It was one layer of chocolate cake, one layer of vanilla cake and a white chocolate mousse in between the two layers. Yum! I will post pictures from the party in another post!

My birthday girl!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The place with the peanuts.

For Libby's birthday dinner she wanted to go to Texas Roadhouse, or as she calls it, "The Place with the Peanuts." She likes the rolls and peanuts. She always get macaroni and cheese, so I'm not sure she even knows how good their real food is! She wanted a balloon and she wanted to sit on the birthday saddle.

Here is the birthday girl! I had to explain to her that even though we were telling the server it was her birthday, she still wouldn't be six until Thursday!

Mommy and Libby.

When it came time to sit on the saddle, my shy little girl crumbled and didn't go through with it! Even though just minutes before she was bugging me about when were they bringing the saddle out! However, she did get a dollar from the waitress who tried to bribe Libby to get on the saddle!

Nathan was with us too. He ordered a steak like the growing boy that he is. He doesn't even pretend to look at the children's menu anymore!

Here is Libby not wanting her picture taken. She thinks if she makes funny faces I won't take her picture! Now when she gets older she'll wonder why she looks goofy in all her pictures! It might come in handy one day!

We made it through dinner and Libby got her balloon and a new pair of shades! Over all it was a great day! Make next year she'll sit on the saddle! I don't think so though!

Aren't they the two cutest kids ever?!