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Thursday, February 26, 2009

AI - Group 2

Last night brought us group two of the top 36 finalists. What a disappointing night it was! What is up with these contestants!? Last week the performances weren't that great, so I thought they would be so much better this week! Wrong! I don't remember a season where SOOO many of the contestants continually picked the wrong songs! I just watched in disbelief last night! Until this freaky red-head chic Allison came along...

Her pre-performance interview with Ryan was painful! She was trying to be funny, but wasn't getting it done! I didn't really remember her from Hollywood week. I was skeptical going in, thinking she was just another nut case! But Wow! Red-head Freak Girl brought it! She sang Heart - Alone, which is a kickin' rock can't beat Heart! But she was awesome and I was so surprised! So I definitely think she will make it through on the results show tonight!

Unfortunately, it's slim pickins after that! I was able to pick one for top guy...even though I didn't really care for his performance, I think most of America will dig him.

Adam Lambert - He sang Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones. I guess he did better than the other guys, so I think he will be put on through. The judges liked him. We'll see.

I don't even know who to pick for the 3rd place was that bad! I like Kai Kalama, but he didn't do great last night. I liked the girl who sang Bette Davis Eyes, but it wasn't that great. My next choice would be that Megan Joy girl with the tattooed arm sleeve. She was ok too. None of them great, so I just don't know.

So those are my idol predictions for tonight! Did you notice I got 2 out of 3 last week?! I may be the next Simon Cowell!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Libby's Surprise Visitor

We were pleasantly surprised when Hailey's mom called yesterday morning to see if Hailey could come over to play. Libby could hardly wait the two hours until Hailey arrived! The girls were being shy at first, but quickly warmed up to each other and were upstairs putting on princess dresses before you could say, "Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo!" Of course they weren't cooperating when I wanted to take their pictures together, but changed their minds when I told them I would make a movie of them dancing in their dresses! So here is what I ended up with from their day together:

I consider this a mild success at getting the girls in a picture together.
At first, they were standing on opposite sides of the room...
Yes, they are so funny, to themselves anyway!

Here is Hailey in her dress...

...and Libby in hers. Please excuse my child's appearance!
She didn't feel the need to get dressed or brush her
hair before Hailey came over!

And here are the "Two Twirling Princesses!"

Friday, February 20, 2009

"P" is for Pajamas!

Each week at school the kids learn a letter of the alphabet. This week they are studying the letter "P." To celebrate this wonderful letter, they are having a Pajama Party! Libby couldn't believe she got to wear her pj's to school! I was afraid she would want to just roll out of bed and go to school without fixing her hair! Luckily, she didn't mind getting her hair fixed today! However, she did not want to wear a coat! I already had to put a tshirt and tights on under her pj's since it is only 15 degrees outside today! So we compromised! I said she could wear her robe instead of a coat, but she still had to wear a hat and mittens! Deal!

Here is my Pajama Princess, ready to party!

How funny does this look?!

Here is Libby all bundled up and ready to go to school!

Of course a special day like this deserves a special dance! I told Libby she could also wear her slippers to school, but we couldn't find them! So she decided to wear her "dancin' shoes!" Thus, the happy dance!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Idol Chatter

It's voting time on Idol again! So far I like the new set up for American Idol this year. It had been getting monotonous these past few years. Last night 12 of the top 36 performed. It was not pretty! I'm going to sound like one of the judges now for a minute....Song choice was a big factor last night! I'm usually not as critical as the judges...but, it was nasty last night! There were a few good performances though. As far as I can tell this is how the top three is going to be picked... Top Boy, Top Girl, and then next in line, boy or girl. So here are my 3 picks based on that criteria, but we'll have to wait until tonight for the official word! If you haven't caught Idol yet this season, tune in... It's not too late! I always need more friends to share in my dorky idol obsession!

Top Boy: Danny Gokey
I think he will be in the top 5! That's my prediction for him!
He has a unique quality to his voice, but it also sounds nice!

Top Girl: Alexis Grace
The difference between her speaking voice and her singing voice is amazing!
Sister brought it on last night! What a powerhouse!
I think she will make it to the top 5 as well!

Next in line: Anoop Desai, aka "Noop Dogg"
I like this guy! He didn't get the best reviews last night,
but I thought he did well. And based on his past performances, I think
he is a strong contender! Top ten for him!

We'll see how close I am after watching the results show tonight. I'm usually like Simon...Right on the Money! Hahaha!

Peace out...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Playtime with Daddy

Since Mike has been off work he has had more time and occasionally more energy to play with Libby. Yesterday I went to visit my mom while Mike and Libby were taking their naps. When I arrived back home I found them playing play-doh together! Mike was working on a Bob the Builder village while Libby was making ice cream. They were having so much fun that I volunteered to make dinner while they played! So I went to the kitchen and warmed up the left-over spaghetti from dinner the night before!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sometimes I find the differences between men and women, or more specifically, mommies and daddies quite amusing. To illustrate my point, let's look at the pictures I've posted from Libby's Valentine's Day...
These are her presents from Mommy:

New Barbie clothes...

A Little Mermaid movie...
(When Libby opened her movie, she got all excited and said, "A new Ariel movie! Oh My Gosh! I've been wondering if you were going to get it for me for Valentime's! How did you know?!" You all know the answer by now, don't you?
Mommy Magic!)

Some sugar-free gum...

And a new book that plays a song while you read!

Libby was so happy to get prizes for Valentine's Day!
She's always so excited and thankful when she gets prizes! I find it so amusing which in return fuels my fire to always overdo things!

Now let's look at what Libby had waiting in her bag from Daddy:

Valentine's Brownies...

A giant box of Nerds...

More candy...

Yummy Candy!
Do you see my point?! Libby was equally as happy with both presents and did not have a preference over any item! As I said, she just loves to get prizes. So that wasn't my point. My point was... Mommy - gifts that don't include sugar; Daddy - Candy, candy, candy! Because that is how it usually plays out on any occasion...that is what I find amusing! Sometimes I have to remind Mike that Libby is not a pinata!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Introducing Trevor!

Mike's first born grandchild and Libby's first nephew, has finally made his appearance! Trevor Henry arrived Wednesday evening and weighed 7# 14oz! He and the new mommy, Michelle, are doing great and will be going home this evening! Welcome Trevor! We can't wait to meet you!

My Funny Valentine

Thursday was my day with Libby to celebrate Valentine's Day! She decided she wanted to make cookies and brownies. She loves to cook. But even more, she loves to lick the spoon and bowl of brownie batter after we're finished! I had all the valentine's cookie cutters picked out for her to use, but she didn't just want to do hearts...she made an "L" for Libby, a dog bone, a dog, an airplane, a foot, a pumpkin, and a few flowers! And of course, the cookies had to have sprinkles, because what is the point of a cookie if it doesn't have sprinkles?!

Here is Martha Jr. adding sprinkles to her masterpieces!

Here is Libby earlier in the day cooperating with the Mama so I can take her picture!

Here is Libby with her cookies after they came out of the oven.

Please excuse the mouthful of cookie in her mouth!

Now it's brownie time and I must have met my quota of pictures,
because this is where she starts avoiding the camera!
Just look at her face! She knows exactly what she's doing!

Now it's time for her to hide! She thinks she's so slick!
But she doesn't know...

...You can't hide from the Mama!

Libby decided she would let me take a picture of her with her Valentine's Brownies. But she did have to throw in this goofy look on her face as payback!

Ah finally! It's time to lick the bowl clean! This is what
cooking is all about!

There is nothing better than chocolate!

I just love the way Libby sits criss-cross-applesauce (that's what they call it at school) on top of the counter with her bowl of brownie batter!

This is the best I could do!

I don't know what is wrong with that precious little child of mine! She suddenly thinks it's funny to not cooperate when I am trying to take her picture! Yesterday was our special day to do Valentine's Day stuff, since I am working on Valentine's Day! Anyway, in the midst of our baking, the mail-lady delivered a package for Libby. I ordered her some new hair accessories to go with the new "princess" dress I ordered for her, which has not arrived yet. Libby was very anxious to try on her new hat and head band, but then the little booger wouldn't let me take her picture...and she was laughing about it! What am I going to do with her!?

So for my friends that I incessantly pestered last weekend at work while I was trying to decide exactly which pettiskirt outfit to order for Libby, here are some pics of what I have so far. These little hair accessories are so cute! I can hardly wait for her princess dress to arrive!

Here is Libby with her pink crocheted hat on...It looked really cute! I was afraid the flower would be too big and gaudy looking, but I think it is just right!

Here is my soon-to-be-orphaned-child NOT modeling her new hat for Mommy!

I would take her back to the hospital, but I've missed my 35 day window for returns without question! So I guess I will keep her a little longer...
Only because she's too damn cute...

...Even when she's not cooperating!
And yes, that is chocolate all over her face! We were making brownies when the package arrived! She did wash her hands but somehow missed her face!

No, she does not have something in her eye, but she won an Emmy for the 15 minutes of ACTING like she did just so I wouldn't take her picture!
I think this head band is really cute, but I'm still trying to decide if it's too much for her pictures! I don't want it to detract from her pretty face! Oh well I have until July to decide!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baby Update

Mike's daughter, Michelle, is FINALLY at the hospital in active labor! We received the call this morning! Please keep her in your thoughts as she is 42 weeks along!!! Anyone want to take guesses on a weight??

Friday, February 6, 2009

Precious Moments New Spring Line!

During these troubled economic times, The Precious Moments Figurine Company is trying to widen their fan base by extending their line to include all types of celebrations from all different socioeconomic groups. I have been fortunate enough to get my hands on the new spring catalog! Enjoy!

Haha, this is one of my favorites!

OMG! The best!

First Serial Killing

It's a precious moments doll! Were you expecting Pabst Blue Ribbon?

Haa! Priceless! Wonder what the one for "Home Run" looks like!?

You really hate me about now don't you?! But you're going to keep on reading because it's just too darn funny!

Oh Man! Just when you think it couldn't get any worse!

I think I've seen this on a few of my co-workers desks! Hahaha!

Aw, so sad! But still funny!

Libby Goes Shopping!

WE ARE STILL WAITING FOR LIBBY'S BIG SISTER MICHELLE TO HAVE HER BABY! I am in complete disbelief that her doctor has not done anything yet! She will be 42 weeks at the beginning of the week! I don't think he is coming out on his own! Anyway...While we are anxiously awaiting the big event, I took Libby shopping to pick out some things for the baby. It's not a big surprise that she really likes shopping (she gets it from her mama)! What I found amusing were some of the things she picked out, without encouragement from me! She picked out things like sunscreen, toothpaste and band aids! It was so cute! Of course she also picked out normal things like onesies, bibs, sleepers, slippers, robe and towel, sippy cups, some toys and rubber duckies for the tub! She had so much fun shopping. When we got home she wanted to lay it all out on the dining room table so she could see everything. After she was done looking at it all, I put it back in the bags. The next day she wanted to get the baby stuff back out 3 DIFFERENT TIMES just so she could look at it and play with it again! It was so cute! We will pack this stuff up and send it off to Michelle at the beginning of the week and hopefully she will already have been to the hospital and had that baby! And Michelle, if you are reading this...No Peeking at the prizes in the picture!