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Libby - Six Years Old (July 2010)


Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Good Day for a Laugh!

Everyone deserves a good laugh everyday. I'm sharing these pics with you just in case you don't encounter anything on your own that really gets you going! Hope you enjoy! (BTW these photos ARE NOT from my personal collection!)

Not only is this photo hilarious, but if you stop and think for just a minute...
This guy is in a photo studio! This picture was on purpose!
That in itself is makes it that much more amusing! And what is up with his arm pose?

More naked comedy! Why would anyone want a naked picture of themselves with their pets?

It keeps getting better! Why not have the whole family pose in their underwear!
I know this is what our family get- togethers look like! I like that even grandma and gramps join in!

This poor child will be traumatized for life!

One of these is not like the other, one of these just doesn't belong!

Girls, before you go to prom, go grab your chickens so we can get a picture!
Unless the chickens are their dates! Hmmm...
Well, that's all I have for now! If you are not rolling on the floor laughing your ass off than you really don't have a sense of humor! Maybe you can get one at Walmart!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Libby's First Day of School

Today was Libby's first day of school! She will be going to all day kindergarten! What a big change that will be from Pre-K which was 2 hours a day, three times a week! Libby will also be riding the bus to and from school! So many changes! Libby is very excited to start kindergarten, and even though she can be very shy, I know she will make lots of new friends and learn so many new things this year! My baby!

Here she is all dressed and ready to go!

Here is Libby at the end of the driveway waiting for the bus.

Grandma and Aunt Ruthanne even came down this morning
to see Libby get on the bus for her first day of school!
Here is Mommy and Daddy with Libby!

I wanted Libby to ride the bus to school, but I didn't want to miss out on taking her to class the first day...
So Mike and I drove to school and waited for her bus to arrive.
If you look closely, you can see Libby poking her little head up behind the bus driver!

Here is Libby getting of the bus at school!
Ironically, when I was little, I rode school bus #4 to school too!

Here is Libby in her classroom getting ready to sit at her table.
There are 4 kids per table. 2 boys, 2 girls. While I was with Libby, the girl at her table hadn't arrived yet! I hope she made it to school! Libby doesn't like boys and probably won't be happy if she is the only girl at her table!

The teacher has instructed the kids to start opening their school supplies!
Libby has been waiting patiently to do this for 2 weeks now!
I figured this would be a good time for mommy to leave!
I'm so proud of my little girl for being so brave, riding the bus and starting a new school with all new friends!
I will be anxiously awaiting her arrival at the end of the driveway this afternoon when the bus drops her off after her first day at kindergarten!

Back to School Camp-out

Last week there was a back to school camp out at Nathan's house. All the cousins and some friends were there. Tarah was brave enough to host the whole event! All the kids camped out in tents..there was a girls tent and a boys tent...they also had a camp fire and roasted marshmallows. Libby also said they made ice cream sandwiches in the fire, but I think maybe she got confused! I'm pretty sure they were smores!
Here is Nathan, my favorite nephew!
I can't believe he is going to be in 5th grade!
It wasn't that long ago when Libby was just a tiny baby and we would pick Nathan up from Kindergarten!
Damn kids...grow too fast!

Here is my big girl at her first camp out!
She was so excited to be spending the night in a tent with her cousins
and her Hannah Montana sleeping bag!

Abi and Libby in the tent...
not cooperating with me so I can take their pictures!

Here are the kids that like to have their pics taken:
Cassie, Julianna and Kenzie!

I just couldn't get all the kids together at the same time!
Here is Cassie, Lexi and Julianna.