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Libby - Six Years Old (July 2010)


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Libby and her Great Pumpkin

Libby was so excited Saturday when I told her we were going pumpkin shopping! Of course she also thought it would be time to trick or treat! After we looked at the calendar and counted the days until Halloween, she was able to once again get excited about getting her pumpkin, and not trick or treating for 13 more days! In the past I have taken Libby to fancy pumpkin patches and spent $40 or more on pumpkins. This year I decided to skip the pumpkin patch and go to a local produce stand down the road. Libby wanted to get four each for mommy, daddy, Libby, and of course Ginger. Now given my history with expensive pumpkins, I told her pumpkins were very expensive and she could get one big pumpkin and 3 little pumpkins. I had $50 cash in my pocket, ready to shop! We found a BIG pumpkin, and three little baby pumpkins that fit in the palm of my hand! We went to the cashier, I held my breath as I waited for the grand total...The lady said, "That will be $2.50." Huh? The big pumpkin was $1.00! I was so excited I almost went and picked out 3 more big pumpkins for my baby! But I didn't really want to carve them all, so we just said, "Thank you" and left! WooHoo! I'm sorry fancy pumpkin patch in the city...I don't think you will be seeing us again!

Here is Libby with her $1.00 pumpkin and a giant spoon getting ready to clean out the pumpkin. She did think it looked a little gross inside!

She's going for it....

Eeew! Pumpkin guts!
She was loving every minute of it!

Here is the finished product!
Notice the three little pumpkins!
We just decorated those with a sharpie marker!

Well, not so much!

You can't tell, but the candle is actually lit in this picture.
Libby wanted me to get a picture with her sitting behind the pumpkins.

Mommy's First Haircut...

Well, let me clarify...Mommy's first time cutting Libby's hair! I know, Daring! I've always been one to chop on my own hair. It started way back in middle school when I wanted a spike! I figured I could just do it myself! It was special looking, even for a spike! But I've tried to contain my hair cutting urges with Libby. For one reason, I didn't want her to think it was ok to start chopping her own hair off. Secondly, it's one thing to give yourself a bad haircut, but to do that to your own daughter?! What if the scissors slipped and she ended up with a spiked mullet or something?!

Now that Libby is in school all day, it's harder to get her to the beauty salon for a hair cut. I figured I could handle a simple trim, and she's old enough now to understand that she can't cut her own I went for it! Libby was actually very excited to learn I was going to cut her hair right in the middle of the kitchen! Mommy was a little slow, but Libby was very patient and sat fairly still the whole time!
Here is Libby after her haircut before I dried it.
Not bad!

The back of her hair was a little tricky. Many of you may not know that Libby actually has very curly hair...underneath! The very top layer of her hair is straight, so I straighten her hair when I dry it. was a little tricky to cut the back because every time I would comb her hair out to cut it, it would boing right back up! As you can see in this picture its a little frizzy in the back. I was afraid it wouldn't lay right when I fixed her hair.

Ta-Dah! Here is the finished product!
It all turned out, even the back! She looks so cute with her short hair!
Overall, the haircut was a success!
(Although now without all the weight of her hair, she does wake up with a fierce bed head! I guess you can't have it all!)

Playdate with Josie

A few weekends ago, my friend Vosko invited Libby and me over for a play date. this is what people who don't work all weekend do! Josie had just gotten a new tinkerbell outfit and Libby was instructed to bring her dress up clothes as well! Libby also brought Josie some puzzles that she had outgrown and wanted to give to Josie. Vosko accused us of making a mess! Hmmph!

Libby and Josie working on a puzzle together.

Let the dress-up begin!

Libby also brought over all her play jewelery.
These were a couple of fancy looking girls!

Jewelery can be used for accessorizing...
or just something to snack on!

Libby thinks she's still little enough to play
on Josie's ride-along pony!

Mess? What Mess? Vosko is crazy!
Here is Jack participating in all the fun!

Do they get any prettier than this?!?

I know how much Vosko likes having her picture posted on the internet...
so this one's for you, Vosko!!
Who loves you now?!