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Libby - Six Years Old (July 2010)


Monday, July 27, 2009

County Fair Time

Nathan had three pigs this year to show at the fair. The first one he showed in the morning. We missed it due to Libby's dentist appointment. (Still no cavities!) But we were able to make it to the afternoon showing of his other pigs. He got reserve champion on the pig from the morning. Way to go Nathan!

Here he is coming out of the gate.

Taking a stroll around the arena.

This little piggy went to market...

This little piggy stayed home...

This little piggy had roast beef...
That's all I really know about pigs!
I was purely there for moral support!

In the Garden?!

I love end of season clearance sales! I picked up these garden tools for Libby at Meijer. They were so cute and "dirt" cheap! hahaha!

Here's Libby working in her "garden!"
When she started she was going to clear the weeds out of the whole bed.
After she dug about two of them out, she decided maybe she just wanted to go play in the dirt!

Hard at work on weed #1

You can see why she quickly changed her mind!
Just look at that mess!
Where is that landscaper I hired?!?!

Quitting time!

Now on to the dirt!
She looks like she's getting ready to dig for dinosaur bones!

It's hard to tell in this picture, but she has a magnifying glass up to her eye and her head stuck in the bucket looking for "treasures."

My little inspector gadget!

After all the gardening and digging, it was time to play!

She's getting really good at hanging upside down!

Birthday...part 2

Here are pics from day! It was a little drizzly in the morning, but Libby's party wasn't until 4pm, so it had time to dry out and actually turned out to be a nice afternoon!
Here is Libby dressed in her birthday outfit before the party with her balloons.
This was the first time I bought helium balloons for her birthday and you would have thought I bought her a new corvette! One day it will take more than $10 to impress her!

Here she is with her bouquet of balloons right after I got back from the store! I think she was waiting for them to lift her up into the air so she could fly! (It worked in the movie, "Up," why wouldn't it work for her??

Libby wanted me to fix her hair like the picture of Tinkerbell on her shirt. This was my best attempt. Of course she was trying to see it in the mirror and couldn't, so I took a picture of it for her so could see. Yes, I told you before, I am the coolest mom in the world!

Here she is posing! Sassy little thing isn't she??

Here are some of the kids jumping around on the trampoline.
So much action its hard to get everyone in focus!

Here is Libby with her friend from school, Sydney. This is the closest I could get to having their picture taken together. They were too busy playing to stop for a second! At least Sydney stopped and looked in my direction!

Here's Vosko, Jr., I mean, Josie, playing on the swings. "Wee!"

It's like a clown trying to fit in a clown car! Nathan is in denial about being 10 years old!

Here is Libby's cake! I was in sooooooo much pain from my back that I had to break down and order a cake! That was a first! I've always made special cakes for her birthday. I felt bad, but she didn't even notice!

She is considering her wishes very carefully!

And she's going for it!

I like this picture....
It looks like she is totally bored with opening presents!

See this face? She's just learned to whistle and now does it all the time, whenever the feeling moves her! She's crazy like that!

Libby can't read yet, but luckily she has a cousin who does!

She had so much fun all day! She didn't want anyone to leave!
Thank you to everyone for making my baby's 5th birthday special!

Birthday...part 1

This year Libby's birthday turned into "The week of Libby!" Since her birthday was on Wednesday, but her party wasn't until Saturday we did a little celebrating both days! She also got to go to Chuck E. Cheese on Wednesday and Thursday to play! Sometimes I just can't help myself!

You may think that my little princess only dresses up like this on special occasions, but you would be wrong! This was just an ordinary day! I love her for this! We did go out to eat to Texas Roadhouse that night and she was turning heads! She's so cute! I love her to pieces!

Here is Libby on Wednesday, her birthday, opening presents from Mommy.
In case you couldn't tell from the hand gesture, she's five!

She got a new book, "Godilicious." It is a sequel to the "Pinkilicious" and
"Purplicious" books. They are really cute books. I recommend them to all little girls!

Libby loves to sing, especially songs from Grease. But she really only knows 1 1/2 lines from the song "Sandra Dee." I bought her the Grease soundtrack to remedy this problem! She was soo soo excited! But I did have to alter some lyrics for her. For instance, I don't really want her singing about virginity, so I told her instead of, "Look at me I'm Sandra Dee, lousy with virginity..." that it says, "lousy with affinity!" Then it just makes me laugh (on the inside, of course)!

Since she was have a Tinkerbell themed party, I had to get her a Tinkerbell outfit! It looked really cute the first day she wore it, until she spilled tea on it on ruined it! Oops!

Nothing could make my baby more happy than a new pair of Hannah Montana jammies! It's what every girl dreams of!

A pair of froggy jammies are cool too!

I think this was her favorite gift of all...
It's her new bug house! She had been using one of my sports bottles to collect her bugs in...but they don't last long! The first night she had her bug house we collected lightening bugs..probably 10-15 of them! Then we took her little bug house full of lightening bugs and sat it on her night stand for a night light! I am the coolest mom in the world, just in case you were wondering!

Summer Fun

Yes I know summer began a long time ago! In fact, I can't believe it's almost over! Where did the time go? This was the fastest summer ever! All the things I had planned for Libby and me this summer...none of it got done! Not one trip to the zoo, not one little get-away, not a play date, and definitely none of those sleep overs I promised her! But she did at least have some fun playing in the water! You know, way back at the beginning of summer when it was warm?!?! Here are Libby's adventures with her slip-n-slide:

You may not be aware of the 101 uses for a slip-n-slide...
Use # 72: May be used as a drinking fountain!

Use # 35: may be used as a pool for relaxing

Use #1: Slipping and sliding, of course!

Use #88: May be used to take a leisurely stroll.

Use #49: May be used for running!