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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Childrens Books you've missed

I found these on List of the Day and it made me laugh out loud so I thought I would share the joy with my friends!

Haha...this one's my favorite!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ha Ha this makes me laugh!

I don't even need to say anything because a picture is worth a thousand words! (disclosure: this is a photoshopped pic, obviously!)

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Eerie Express!

Yesterday I took Libby and my niece Cassie to the Children's Museum Haunted House. This year's theme was, "The Eerie Express" a haunted train! The girls were very excited about going. I was taking pictures throughout the haunted house, as I did last year, and made it almost to the end when one of the staff told me I couldn't take pictures! What a witch! The lights were on, it wasn't like I was messing anything up! Oh well, I still got plenty of pics! Boo on her! After the haunted train, we went into the museum for a while. And I'm going to finally admit this to everyone....I don't like the children's museum!! There are always those field trips of kids and they are always pushing and shoving and are all over the place! I can't stand it! I get way overstimulated! Libby and Cassie had a good time so that's all that matters....but I think it will be a long time before I go back!
Here is the dynamic duo as we enter...There was some huge construction going on outside so the entrance to the haunted house was moved inside! I don't know what they are building, but it is going to be BIG!

All aboard the Eerie Express!

Oh no...they are on the train tracks and here comes a train! Look out!

This must be one slow train...this lady never made it!

Yummy! Time for dinner....bugs!

Spooky! You can tell they are really freaked out....ok, maybe way deep deep down!

Aah! A monster in the fireplace!

RIP. Again, they are freaked!

Here they are in front of some carcass and some chained up animals!

On the crime scene

This was one of those vertigo tunnels. You walked through on a stationary platform, but the tunnel around you is spinning. It really felt like you were spinning! I was getting dizzy and thought I would fall down if I didn't get those girls moving on through! It didn't seem to bother them, too much! They liked the sensation!

Here they are in the museum now, riding the carousel. I think that's Libby's favorite thing at the museum!

Libby sings some songs...

Libby has been learning lots of songs at school for Halloween. I actually got her perform all of them for me the other night so I could make a movie! So here for your viewing pleasure is Libby singing all about pumpkins!

"Where is Pumpkin?"

"I'm a Little Pumpkin"

"5 Little Pumpkins"

This isn't a pumpkin song, its Libby dancing her chicken dance. She's such a dancin' machine!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Should I be worried?

I was in the kitchen cooking dinner the other night when Libby called me to the living room to show me one of her new dances! This is one of those moments when you laugh really hard because its so funny...but deep down inside I was wondering, "Should I be worried?!" Watch the video and have a good laugh...and please don't turn me into CPS!

Mondays at Grandpa's

On Mondays my dad has two of my nieces for the day, so we have been going over to his house after Libby gets out of school so she can play with the girls and visit with Grandpa. She gets really excited about going to grandpa's house. Lately though, Libby hasn't been very nice to Julianna. I don't know why! I keep telling her to be nice and sometime in the middle of the week she tells me she will be nice to Julianna now. But when we get to grandpa's house, they all start off getting along, but before we leave Libby isn't being nice. So I was surprised this week to see them get along (until the last 10 minutes..but its a start!) Luckily I had my camera with me to prove they were in fact playing nice with each other!

Let's start with hula hoops! What skill, what talent!

Here is Libby and Julianna playing nicely side-by-side together...smiling and laughing!

If you look closely you can see Julianna running away from Libby. She is actually running around the house while Libby hides under the slide...

...and then Libby scares Julianna as she comes back around and "finds" her! They would take turns hiding under the slide!

School is now in session! Teacher Cassie teaches Libby and Julianna all the important stuff they need to know!

Libby is demonstrating something!

Ah! Teacher's pet! Cassie loves her sister!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Funny Pics on my Camera!

My dad had borrowed my camera on a few occasions over the past few weeks to take pictures at some tractor shows he was going to. While I was looking over the pictures in my camera, I was skimming through them pretty quickly knowing this is what I would see:...tractors...
...and more tractors!

You can imagine my surprise when I came across these pictures! I had to laugh out loud!

My nieces, Julianna and Cassie dressed up for Halloween! Look at the expression on Julianna's face (on the left)! That is a pirate that means business!

Aah! Now she is a friendly pirate!

I'm not sure what Cassie is supposed to be. But the wig is hilarious!
All this fun took place while they were at my dad's house, which makes the whole that much more funny! Crazy girls!

Fall Festival @Clarian North

Saturday was the Fall Festival at Clarian North. Since mommy had to work Friday and Saturday, Libby and Daddy went together without me. I took Libby to the fall festival at work last year and she had been asking about it intermittently throughout the year since then! She had fun last year but was still a little shy and didn't participate in too much, so I was anxious to see how she would do this year. She had a great time! Mike said she did everything! She was still very excited and told me all about her day once I got up! Here are a few pics from the festivities:
This is Libby greeting me when I got home from work Saturday morning! She reminded me that she and daddy were going to the fall festival at mommy's work! She was very very excited! She said she was going to bring home a "huge huge big ol' pumpkin!"

Here is Libby riding a little pony. She's such a big girl now! She rode the pony last year, but I had to stay with her while the pony walked around.

Libby getting acquainted with a llama.

Libby in the bounce house. I don't know why I find this picture so amusing! She kind of looks like Pippy Longstocking with her pony tails up in the air like that! (Daddy fixed her hair!)

Here is the lifeline helicopter landing. Libby thought it was really cool to be so close to the helicopter while it was flying!

Here is Libby sitting in a fire truck.

Doesn't she look like she could just take right off for a joy ride??

Here she is looking cute in the pumpkin patch!

Just look at that pose! What a good model she is! She is showing off her butterfly and pumpkin that were painted on her face and hand!

This is Libby after she got home with her pumpkin she got from the festival. I'm not sure why they decided to paint the pumpkin instead of carving it,but she was having fun!

She's concentrating very hard on getting the pumpkin just right!

Twins!? Which is scarier?? That is one spooky pumpkin!

Friday, October 10, 2008

School Picture Day

Aah! Just the mention of school pictures brings back fond memories for everyone!! I'm sure we have all looked back at our school photos at some point and wondered, "What was I thinking?" or if it was before we were responsible for our own selves maybe, "What was my mother thinking?!" (As a side note: The picture above is not mine, so quit trying to find me! I got it off the Internet and it made me laugh!)
So here I am now, a mommy, and I am now responsible for Libby's school pictures! I take pride in knowing I send Libby to school for picture day clean, well groomed, in a stylish, yet timeless outfit, so as not to embarrass her further down the road when she looks back at her old school photos! Of course, you can do all this and still have no control over the facial expression forever captured on your child's face when the camera goes "click" or the dorky backgrounds they always manage to put your child in front of! Honestly, they could make Miss America look bad!
So last year, Libby's first year at preschool, she had picture day. Of course I dressed her up so cute, had her hair done and everything. But I had no faith in the photographer, so I only ordered a group class photo and two little 4x5 pics of Libby, assuming they would be awful. I was so surprised when I got them back. They were so good! Libby was of course looking cute, but more surprisingly the background and props were nice too! Libby was sitting at a little desk with little wooden blocks on the desktop spelling out her name! Oh, I should have ordered more pics! Oh well!
Fast forward to this years school picture day, which is today! Last night I was filling out her order form and couldn't decide which package to get, remembering last years episode. Deciding the good pics last year were a fluke, I went with the small economical package...One group photo and 8 wallets. Of course Libby is looking so cute again in her little outfit for picture day, she's having a decent hair day and I'm excited about her picture day! Until I walked in to the school and saw the set up...It had giant crayons and giant ABC blocks. I was skeptical! Libby had said she wanted me to stay at school for a bit while she got her picture taken. Luckily, she got to go first. So she takes her cute self over to get her picture taken and after a few takes the photographer shows me what he has to see if I approve of the pics he has gotten. cute!!
This starts me thinking...I've never thought Libby has taken a bad picture! Does any mother ever think their child takes a bad picture?? Don't you think my mom thought I looked cute for my pictures?? Maybe, maybe not, I don't know! I do know, every time we got our pictures back, my mom took us to get our haircuts because our hair was always in our faces! I'm thinking, maybe she didn't like them! I've had people show pictures before and I thought to myself, "Eew!" but saying something clever to the mom like, "Cute shoes!" so as not to offend! You all know what I'm talking about! But anyway...isn't it our jobs as mothers to be totally biased when it comes to our kids!? If we don't love them unconditionally and think they are the most beautiful thing we've ever seen, even when looking at their school picture, then how will they ever know how beautiful they are!?
That's just my thoughts for today!! And to all the little kids getting their pictures taken this week....have a great hair day!!