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Libby - Six Years Old (July 2010)


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bowling Night

Libby and I haven't been bowling in a long time so I thought it would be a good Saturday night activity for us to do. We brought Nathan along too...the more the merrier! I decided we should grab some dinner first. Libby picked "the place with the peanuts" of course, which is fine by me! Yum! I figured to beat the crowds we should go at 4pm. I guess there was nothing else to do that day because there was already a wait at the restaurant. Not too long luckily. We finished our dinner and headed to the bowling alley. It was 530pm. The lanes were packed!! They said they wouldn't have any open lanes until 7pm. thanks. We went back out to my truck and I called the other bowling alley in Kokomo thinking surely both places wouldn't be busy. Think again! They didn't have any open lanes until 8pm! Really?! Craziness! One more try...I'll call Suburban Lanes in Tipton. I asked if they had any open lanes, with my fingers crossed and two eager children sitting in the back seat...Jackpot! They were only using one lane! Hahaha! Off to Tipton we go to bowl! I did have to learn how to keep score though because it's old school like computers!

Here is Libby practicing her photography skills. Nathan wasn't impressed!

Here I am courtesy of Libby. We bowled with the bumpers up of course. It's still hard to get much over 100! I think 114 was my high!

This is Libby's "give me a strike" dance! It doesn't work 100%, but she did get a few strikes and some spares. The spare has it's own dance as well, don't worry!

She will love these pics when she becomes a pro bowler some day!
We had fun and can't wait to go back again!