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Libby - Six Years Old (July 2010)


Saturday, March 12, 2011

First Grade Program

Now that Libby is in first grade they get to participate in a school program. When my nephew, Nathan, was in kindergarten he had a program and it involved the whole elementary school. It was a little overwhelming for the kids. Fortunately now, they have the grades divided up and they dropped kindergarten all together! I could hardly wait for the first grader's spring program this year! Libby was keeping details about the program very hush-hush! She would only tell me what the program was called, "The Principal and the Pea" and a few songs they would be singing. Every time I would ask her to sing me a song she would just say, "No! You have to wait...It's a surprise!" Little booger! But the day finally came!

Here is my little superstar before her performance! I love it when I get to dress her up all fancy! She likes it too, I promise! She was just extra happy because I told her I wouldn't get the flat iron out to straighten her hair!

She really likes to pose now for her pictures. Sometimes I have to say, "OK, that's enough!" Secretly though I could take her picture and watch her pose all day long! It's quite amusing some of the stuff she comes up with!

I was trying to give her some direction for a pose and she obviously thought she didn't need any assistance being fabulous! That's the look I get!

Here she is making her entrance into the gym for the big performance! She's silly! But on another note, look how my child is dresses compared to hmmm...the girl in front of her! May I just say it was early March, cold and windy out that day! Cold!!! Not sundress and sandal weather. And that was not the only girl dressed that way.

Let the show begin! I wish I would have had my new camera so I could have gotten better pictures! Anyway...Here's the story line:
The principal of the elementary school is retiring and they have to find a replacement. The children want to make sure they find the perfect principal. So they hide a pea in a bowl of soup. The principal who discovers the pea is the right fit for their school.

Plot twist:
They find the perfect principal but...he loves brussel sprouts and decides they will be served everyday for lunch! It was pretty funny! The kids did a great job with the singing and dancing. And yes, I had my camcorder and taped the whole thing! So I really wasn't too upset my pictures didn't turn out that great. Libby wanted to watch the show when we got home. After I quick drive thru DQ for some celebratory ice cream that is exactly what we did!