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Libby - Six Years Old (July 2010)


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mini 4H

Libby brought home some papers from school for Mini 4H. She was so excited and said she wanted to sign up. There is a choice of about 10 categories you can choose from. You get to pick two. Libby picked sewing and photography (after I told her photography meant taking pictures). We went to the 4H building and signed up and picked up her packets. She read through them on the way home.

One of the packets had the 4H pledge. She read it several times in the car on the way home. Then when we got home she wanted to show me how good she had gotten at saying the 4H pledge. I like how she even put her hand over her heart.

Here she is taking a bow for her great performance.
She's so dramatic! I'm glad my child is so entertaining. I would still love her if she was boring...but I love her even more because she makes me laugh.

She started right away on the photography. She thought she should take a picture of herself.

She also thought she should take a picture of me doing laundry. Maybe our first lesson should be subject matter.

Another self-portrait.